Sunday, June 18, 2006

Timbers Do the Double!

Well, not really—that's just fun to say. Our beloved USL First Division squad did manage, however, to grind out two road draws on two consecutive nights against two of the league's toughest franchises. My, that's lots of 2s to accompany our two points. One of which was earned via a 2-2 scoreline!

(Can you tell how desperately hung over I am? People shouldn't get married, or at least shouldn't invite me. I become a danger to myself and others.)

The true-grit "results" (as we starchy football realists like to say) give the Timbers five points from three straight road games. Taking road points off Rochester and L'Impact de Montreal (quoi?) also bodes extremely well for the Timbers' future play-off durability and coach/GM Chris Agnello's work on a reportedly near-nonexistent budget. The boys must be brimming with self-belief; if we can blow the universe's mind by actually winning away against Vancouver, they could become a true force to be reckoned with.

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