Thursday, June 01, 2006

Crashing the Gates

A quick pause from my frantic pre-World Cup fitness routine—i.e., slamming lager pints at 7 am to prepare my liver for the forthcoming toxic shock—to take note of two local blogospherian developments.

First, with local coverage of the Portland Timbers seemingly on the wane, the invaluable Allison Andrews has gone vigilante on the situation, Web-posting an in-depth preview of the Verdiblancos' crucial weekend double-header against the Kitsap Junior Sounders. Any rookie fans looking to download the Full Story behind this heated, bone-deep, Montague v. Capulet-style rivalry should start here. Who knows? Maybe various local newsrooms will "get the message."

Second, popular local blogger Jack Bogdanski took a break from his dyspeptic musings on local politics to note the imminent approach of the Big Dance. His post, in which he good-naturedly confesses to know nothing about the game, has sparked a small but kinda fun thread. Go! Participate! We will conquer this thing they call the SuperNet, one small outpost at a time. Just like Stalingrad!

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