Friday, June 16, 2006

Rooting for Laundry

Who has the best uniforms? My vote is split between the racy (and sorta retro) orange-crush kit Nike did for the Netherlands and Angola's festive national-colors number. The USA's look—like everything else about them so far—is booooooo-ring. Ditto England. Triple-ditto Germany. I have a soft spot for Croatia's checkerboard. And, of course, it's hard to argue with established classics like Argentina and Brazil.

I'd like to see the Portland Timbers (who knocked another three points out the hapless Thunder last night and take on the evil Rochester Raging Rhinos at historic Paetec Park tonight) invest their $12 equipment budget in an all-green knock-off of those Dutch outfits. Very fetching, with their cool collars.

Thoughts among my dozen(s?) of faithful readers?

Today was a day of two halves for yers truly, specifically the second half of both the Dutch-Ivories game and the Mexico-Angola match. The former I caught at Bakery Bar, the latter at Por Que No. Very good crowds, given the coziness of both, er, venues. Extrapolate that across all of Portland and through every other American city that cares (and I'm thinking every major metro must be seeing decent action) and our collective viewership is likely pretty healthy. And the demographics, to look at it with a cold, hard and soulless eye, must be to die for. Whatever Nielsen says, I think Uncle Walt is getting his post-mortem money's worth.


The Fan's Attic said...

Ivory Coast orange jerseys are great, especially with the shadow of a charging elephant.

Derek said...

I like the classic Clockwork Orange look as well. Been trying to figure out how I could pull off wearing something so . . . eh, attention pummeling. Don't think it would work though, no matter how hard I forced the issue. First, I'm not Dutch; second, I'm not a soccer player.