Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Crucial Questions Right Now

Are Dwight Yorke's most important "components" okay?

Who will slice England to tiny, bite-size pieces? Someone's going to do it based on their performance so far.

Will it be Ecuador? Apparently all that high-altitude training compensates for the crushing, crushing heat that so discomfits certain sides.

How awesome is it that an Ecuador SUBSTITUTE thought ahead and packed his yellow Spiderman mask just, y'know, in case?

Will a possible Germany-England tilt feature the two most over-rated teams in the World Cup?

Are Sweden really this bad, or is it a clever hustle designed for Sven's benefit?

And in far more world-rocking areas, will the Portland Timbers get it done for their third straight win over the Minnesota Thunder tonight? With 124-year-old former New Zealand international (three words that make the whole soccer world quiver with terror!) Gavin Wilkinson exchanging his assistant coach duties for playing time, possibly?

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