Thursday, January 31, 2008


Just last night, I was thinking: how could Liverpool's season get any worse? Oh, yes—there's the scheduled elimination from the Champions League at the hands of Inter. I've already written that one into the profit/loss statement, as I'm sure many others have as well. The Reds currently sit seventh in the Premiership, with Blackburn, Pompey and West Ham—three sides that specialize in grinding out exactly the results they need—in tight attack formation just behind. Then come Spurs, showing many signs of revitalization. Could Liverpool finish...11th? 12th? It's quite possible that the bottom of the trough isn't in view yet, while the backside of Rafa Benitez could well be.

But enough of that. How could the season get better? A run of victories would be nice, but let's be serious. Let's look, instead, at this: a financial uprising by the Kop! It seems some Liverpool fans aren't just content to own the scarf and the life-sized S. Gerrard wallhanging. They want 100,000 people (!) to kick in 5,000 quid apiece (!!! : $10,000 : !!!) to buy out the dipshit American owners, meanwhile warding off any and all Saudi sheiks and shadowy Kazakh biznessmeni who might come prowling around. The model, of course, is FC Barcelona, every aspiring pinko's second favorite club.

It's an inspiring vision. Does it have a hope in hell?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Nou

Fancy football clubs get fancy architects: here's Norman Foster's semi-cool, semi-ridiculous remake of Barcelona's Camp Nou ground. I mean, I like it...but doesn't it have a faint whiff of Renaissance Faire about it? Maybe it's the pinata-like color scheme.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Surely Someone Else...

...finds this as funny as I do?

Where does Sir Alex think he gets the money to buy the Carlos Tevezes of the world?