Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Most Boring Day of the World Cup So Far (tm)

Aaaaaaaaaaah...does anyone have some Vicodin or something? This needs livening up.

Well, full marks to Ukraine for manfully elbowing the USA out of its coveted spot at the very back of the 32-team peloton, though they may not get a chance to settle in if Saudi Arabia has anything to say about it.

I'm likely to be out of action for most of today—doing "work," see?—but as my old comrade Mr. Scruffins helpfully pointed out in the Comments to the post below, there's a far superior going concern here.

Forza Poland! Someone has to stand up for the Slavs now that Ukraine and Serbia+Separatists have done their worst.

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Lucas said...

Ukraine was absolutely horrid; it didn't help either that they were given a very undue red card/pk 2 minutes into the 2nd half. BUT, Spain's 4th goal was a thing of beauty: Puyol's run from the back, the pirouette, the give-and-go, the soft header, then the pinpoint bullet from Torres....nice.

So far the most entertaining thing about the Tunisia:SA game was the Saudis' goal celebration: all getting on their knees and pressing their foreheads to the turf. Oh and both goals were pretty nice.