Monday, June 05, 2006


Friday morning, IT begins.

As the excitement builds to a (may Jehovah smite with his silver-and-onyx axe for saying it) fever pitch, I'm desperately torn as to where to take in the opening match. I mean, man's gotsta watch it, but Germany v. Costa Rica just isn't very appetizing. There's no obvious go-to destination for this particular match in Portland, but I'm taking suggestions if anyone wants to offer 'em.

Meanwhile, I'm dead-set on watching Sunday's Mexico-Iran clash at North Portland's St. Johns Community Center, where they're showing the Spanish-language broadcast. This may be the one and only time I'll ever cheer for El Tri, as they take on Ayatollah FC.

El Mundial aside, the crucial question of the week in Portland: can this weekend's home fixture against the Vancouver Whitecaps (who we hate, but not with the pure, unrequited, white-molten-hot hate we reserve for You Know Who) can equal the celestial catharsis achieved last Saturday night? The prospect would seem to defy the laws of physics. If it comes anywhere close, space-time may come unstuck right at midfield.

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Derek said...

For Friday's match, the three of us are planning on watching it at Kell's. Personally, I could care less about Germany, but I'm dying for the tournament to start, so watching Germany in the company of other fans it will be. Perhaps we'll see you there?