Friday, May 19, 2006

Will Rhinos Rampage? Or Woodsmen Run Riot?

Tonight, circa H1900, Portland's Mighty Mighty Timbers collide with the Ragin' Rhinos of Rochester, the USL First Division's most storied club—which unfortunately puts them at the top of a not-very-crowded category. The Men of the Deep Green have not had an easy time of it so far this season, as they adjust to a new coaching regime and a dramatically overhauled roster. Some guy named Romario aced the Timbers last week, followed by a loss to Occupied Colony FC in Port au Prince—I MEAN, Puerto Rico—making for an unfun annual tropical vacation.

Last year, the Rhinos used the Timbers for target practice at what I will call Civic Stadium. (Our home ground, as the Portlanders in cyberland know all too well, bears the name of a now-publicly-traded former Enron playing chip that kills salmon and steals our tax money.) Portland is espousing a "defense first" philosophy this season—in contrast to last year's "kick it hard, lads!" philosophy—which manifested itself with six goals conceded last weekend. So we shall see. The draw that some optimists are predicting on the Timbers Army boards would do nicely.


The Manly Ferry said...

I'll start by confessing that I've only made one game this season and will miss this weekend's two games to boot; on the other hand, I've followed the second-coming of the Timbers fairly closely.

What do I think?

Are you freakin' kidding me!? We're talking Rochester, the first stop for the country's second-tier talent!

A draw would indeed be nice, but I'll be happy so long as we don't get our heads handed to us.

Eric Berg said...

I tried refering to it as 'Civic Stadium' or 'Civic' in the early days of Timbers Army, but many fans were recent transplants, too young, or just didn't give a shit about PGE (with or without Enron) or corporate naming rights.

'Piggy' didn't take off. So now I just call it 'the Park.'