Saturday, May 20, 2006

Angello Comes Alive!

Gotham-bound hiatus notwithstanding—all Portland Timbers fans MUST immediately check out the amazing audio podcast at
The 107 Report. The citizen-journalists from the Timbers Army cornered new coach/GM Chris Agnello for an incredibly frank post-game chat (or maybe it's a rant) that offers the kind of insight into the Rochester loss that most lazy-ass mainstream sports scribes (me, for example) would never get.

If you've ever deplored the moronic, content-free pablum most coaches serve up when a mic's in front of their face ("We need to score some goals if we want to win..."), Agnello will blow your mind. He renders an unsparing verdict on the Timbers' current state:

"Too many naive kids on the squad."

"This team doesn't believe yet."

Chad Bartolme better keep his resume updated. For that matter, Agnello reiterates his promise to hand out pink slips and inject new talent if the side doesn't shape up. Truly, it's a blistering interview.

Beyond that, the Report tracks down Scot "With One T" Thompson and ex-Timber Aaran Lines, who played in the Rochester XI last night. And both those guys also offer refreshingly honest comments. Huzzah to the Report!

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