Wednesday, May 24, 2006

NuYorkican Dispatch

Two small football-related observations from the streets of New York City:

ITEM: The vaunted New York Red Bulls are, as far as I can tell, a complete specter here. I have seen no replica shirts, promotional material, paid media, guerrilla marketing—nothing. Maybe those crafty devils at Superclub headquarters are implementing some kind of beyond-stealth campaign to win over what should be one of the greatest soccer markets in the world. If stealth is indeed their aim, they're doing an amazing job.

ITEM: In the bathroom of Jimmy's Corner, one of the last blue-collar bars in Times Square, I spotted an anti-Malcolm Glazer graffitto and a pro-FC United of Manchester scrawl, in what appeared to be the hands of different anonymous artists. Now THAT is grassroots marketing.

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