Saturday, May 20, 2006

J'ai vu New York—New York, Ooo-Ess-Ah!

With last night's gruesome PTFC performance still lingering like a snake-vodka hangover, the Eleventh Devil (okay, I'll never do that again) is almost glad at the prospect of an early hiatus. Your Correspondent wings to New York—aka "Superclub" City—this evening via JetBlue's direct red-eye.

I expect that I will somehow resist overwhelming temptation to trek to the Meadowlands for Wednesday night's ultra-enticing NEW YORK RED BULLS V. FC DALLAS encounter, even though any time Energy Drink FC steps on the field, the phrase "beautiful game" is redefined.

So in the meantime, thanks to all you dozens of readers. Portland bhoys (and ghirls), keep the home fires burning—preferably with a pile of Toronto players at the center, eh?

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