Friday, May 02, 2008

Mundo Albiceleste!

After visiting Argentina last year, the XIDevils Editorial Committee maintains a Strange Interest in all things Albiceleste, from tiny cups of really good coffee to riding noble steeds across the pampas. Delightful, then, that a commenter on the previous post (a guy from, of all places, Malayasia) runs this blog devoted to all Argentine players everywhere. God bless the Blaaaaghosphere.

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John said...

Thanks a lot for mentioning about me. I'm not the one who actually started this blog.

It's buddy Seba from Argentina during the 2006 World Cup. Being regular visitor to the blog, I was invited to be writer in this blog.

You know what, it's the best ever thing that I'm doing right now.

I'm am and always will be, a passionate supporter of Argentina.