Sunday, July 29, 2007

VI Day

Victory in Iraq.

Scroll down to see the remarkable photos of a celebrating people...scroll down further to find one grumpy lefty (undoubtedly a comfy Yank, Brit or Frenchie, possibly with tenure) commenting that the whole thing is just bread and circuses while the colonizers steal Iraq's oil. Realize that, as is so often the case, a lot of people just don't get what life is about.


Lynda said...

Those are great photos and grumpy lefty, wow...I actually kind of wanted to leave a blistering response, starting with (since he/she wants to play that way) a jargon-laden attack on the inherent colonialism of his/her response.

But then I decided to just look at the pictures some more instead.

Zach Dundas said...

I mean, what a nerd, eh?

Although, while we're at it, maybe we should take a few of their soccer players....