Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I've Got a Terrible Case of Anorthosis!

The great thing about the Cypriot side's 0-0 result yesterday—aside from the fact that it may well have marked the first Champions League point for a club that has existed in a state of exile from its home city for nearly 40 years—is that it came against Werder Bremen. I hate Werder Bremen...and I don't know why. An irrational thing, hate. I have only two working theories as to the roots of my distaste for a club which has, so far as I can tell, nothing to do with anything I care about or even pretend to care about:

1) Its squad includes the loathsome Torsten Frings, who everyone knows is an unindicted war criminal who should be living under an assumed name in rural Uruguay;

2) The club has used the hated Comic Sans font for the player names on the back of its kit.

Of the two offenses against good taste, I would say Number Two is by far the more serious. Players come and players go. The use of Comic Sans stands as an indelible attack on civilization.