Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A National Disgrace

Somehow, I missed the fact that the United States failed to qualify for the Beach Soccer World Cup. I didn't even get a chance to join the howling mob that undoubtedly stoned the team at the airport on its return from the unsuccessful campaign. Still, it's never too late for a moment of national reflection. Solomon Islands will be there. So will El Salvador, with a team composed of "amateurs and fishermen," according to the FIFA website. And yet we will not be there. Where does the madness end?


Bob said...

A couple former Timbers contributed to that national disgrace. Bayard Elfvin and Yuri Morales were both on the squad. I blame Agnello.

Zach Dundas said...

See, if you want to go out and fight the Orcs of Mordor, you pick a man named Bayard Elfvin. If you want to go out and win the Beach Soccer World Cup, you naturalize a bunch of Salvadoran fishermen.