Monday, June 02, 2008

Mourinho Italia

So everyone's favorite manager/performance artist goes to Inter Milan, a club that's successful as could be on the domestic level. This move therefore invokes the Avram Grant Principle, in which a manager at a major club is considered a failure if that club fails to win the Champions League. The question, though, is not whether Jose can handle the pressure—it's whether the pressure can handle Jose. More importantly, will Mourinho's signature bizarre media statements scan as bizarre in Italian, or will the Romance-Language-to-Romance-Language transition go more smoothly?


r1ooooo said...

I was hoping that The Sepcial One will arrive in Milan, but in AC Milan..

By the way do you mind to exchange links?

Thanks and have a good day.

ursus arctos said...

Mourinho's working with a much more sophisticated audience here, and the language is much easier for him.

Thus this pearl from his initial tour de force:

"I'm not special, but I'm not a prick, either."

It's going to be tremendously entertaining, and we renewed our season tickets on the first day of sale.

Zach Dundas said...

"A much more sophisticated audience..." Ooooh!

ursus arctos said...

More sophisticated than Harry Harris isn't really a very high bar, is it?

I liked Gattuso's comment this morning about Jose's Italian being better than his own.

He's now been forced by the Milan media types to declare that "Ancelotti is special too!".