Friday, March 14, 2008

Let's Drink to...FC ST. PAULI

Yes, Eleven Devils has gone sadly silent over the last few months, largely due to Your Humble Correspondent's preoccupation with the complicated heist of a French gold shipment he's become involved with as a "bag man", and with writing a "book," which is like a blog that never changes and has no videos. These two pursuits—heist-planning and book-writing—both really cut into a man's football consumption. So in absence of any real "content," as the professionals say, let's just raise a pre-San Patricio glass to one of many reasons that football RULES, the mighty fans of FC St. Pauli:


Bob said...

What's this about writing a book? Are you finally penning the definitive history of the Portland Timbers?

Zach Dundas said... erotic haiku.