Monday, November 27, 2006

Eleven Devils...Wake! Arise!

Anyone who thinks blogging is the journaliterary world's softest option has never tried to care for and feed one a regular basis. XIDevils' teens of readers will no doubt fear that the soccer world's least-urgent blog has breathed its last. Never! I say, never!

But's been pretty quiet on the football front in and around our heavily fortified headquarters. I blame Santa Claus. For the most part, my truck with footballing culture has been limited to a couple brave-but-failed efforts by my own Albina Going FC, which has all but reserved a spot in Portland Futsal's Third Division after the New Year. I can heartily recommend the ultra-awesome Jake Arnott's novel "He Kills Coppers," which begins with the 1966 World Cup and takes its title from a bad-old-days hooligan terrace chant.

But what else? I've done a woeful job following Liverpool, a woeful job keeping this tiny little flame on the soccerblogosphere's far frontier burning. Stay tuned, faithful dozens—I will do better.


drgogol said...

Jake Arnott is my buddy: I look him up every time I'm in London. He went with me to the opening night of "Rat Pack Confidential." All three books in his Harry Stark trilogy are great, but my favorite is the first: "The Long Firm," which was made into a nice BBC series (Jake has a cameo in a bar scene, sitting in a bar booth with the Diana Dors (think Jayne Mansfield)-type actress and saying "What's next, Ruby?" or some such.) Great stuff.

The Bixter

Zach Dundas said...

Christ—glad to know someone's still reading this thing despite a two-week unplanned hiatus. I've blasted through two of the three Harry Stark books, and would agree that The Long Firm is a bit better than He Kills Coppers. HKC seemed a little more far-fetched somehow, though highly entertaining. I understand his latest ran into libel problems?

Is that BBC series on DVD?

drgogol said...

Dunno about the DVD: I tivo'ed it when it originally aired, though I think I accidentally erased one bit. Marc Strong (who tortured George Clooney in 'Syriana') was marvy as Stark.

Just looked up the libel thing: crikey! Sounds like Jake accidentally put a toe on a landmine:

And how I come to read this is that I've got it in my Bloglines feed roll: so when something comes up, there it is.