Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's a Man's Life

In what sounds like one of the more bizarre games in history—well, scratch that, considering the competition, but a very, very odd game nonetheless—Chelsea saw not one, but two goalkeepers taken to the casaulty ward with nasty head injuries during its away date with mighty Reading. Ultra-stud defender John Terry finished the match between the sticks.

This being the fabulous 21st Century, YouTube already has all the grisly footage: this clip shows Terry taking over the gloves and the improvised MASH unit treating the Blues' fallen second-choice portero. Aiyiyi.


drgogol said...

Those were some *brutal* inuries.

Peter Cech had a bone of his skull shoved back into his brain; there may be bone shards causing bleeding; he's likely out until after Christmas, maybe the whole season.

Cudicini was also in a life-threatening situation; he swallowed his tongue as he fell and the EMTs at the match managed to save his life right there on the pitch.

And no cards from Mike Riley for any of it....

Zach Dundas said...

In retrospect, it's easy to see that Hunt should have been sent off, but I have a modicum of sympathy for Riley. In the full-speed video replay, it's a bit hard to see what happened. In the first minute of a match every Reading supporter would have circled in red on the calendar, a red card would have been a match-altering decision. Of course, it now looks obvious that he made the wrong (non-)call.