Monday, July 24, 2006

Forza Roma!

This is an amazingly cool story: an unheralded band of Dallas amateurs is on safari against the big boys in the US Open Cup. Dallas Roma knifed Chivas USA on penalties, and is now set for a showdown with the underperforming men's choral group known as the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Given that Roma includes a bunch of guys deemed not to meet MLS grade, revenge and self-actualization will drive the narrative. And given that fans of certain sub-MLS teams—ahem—that *could* be staging heroic underdog runs right now—ahem—have already seen their sides eliminated from the competition as their season collapses around their ears—quadruple ahem—it looks like Roma will have to do our world-beating for us. Was that a grammatical sentence? No, it was not.

C'mon Roma boys, ye gypsy overachievers! You saw how incapable of finishing Donovan was in the World Cup! You have nothing to fear!

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Lynda said...

Thanks for posting on this, as I saw something about this on the news the other night (including the trash-talking remarks from the unlikeable Lalas) and then sorta forgot about it.

It would swell my heart near to bursting to see Dallas Roma teach a lesson to that that underperforming men's choral group.